Reprobation – Proof that God’s Judgment is Near

The most avowed atheist it is said has a moment in time when doubt assails their conscience. That split second of doubt is what separates hope from the dismal condition described in the bible as being given over to a reprobate mind. Reprobation is several notches below hopelessness because for anyone whose conscience has sunk to this level, there is no chance of recovery. Reprobation of the mind comes by the edict and pronouncement o  UFABETอันไหนคนสมัครเยอะ

f God and nothing on earth can reverse it. Let’s see what this is.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Romans 1:28

Reprobation is a state of mind that at first simply ignores the truth. As it progresses it begins to suppress the truth. When in full bloom the resistance to truth becomes active, militant and even violent. (2Tim 3:8) It becomes a state that not only will not do anything good but those who have sunken to this condition no longer know what good is. Remember Germany didn’t start killing Jews when Nazism came in, they were glad to kill them when their brand of fascism was about to go out. It’s much like the analogy of the ships captain who announces that everything in the ships store is free and it’s OK to play football or basketball in the grand ballroom. Why, because he has just discovered the ship is sinking and will be under in less than fifteen minutes.

Are there people in the world today that have come to this most hopeless state of affairs? You can bet the farm on it. Let’s look at just a few of these developments. No mere article could cover the emerging world wide insanity that now sweeps the globe and is reported along with every new twist and nuance daily in newscasts, blogs and papers throughout the earth.

Recently Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran met with others in that country including Louisiana’s own former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke to reinforce their assertion that the entire holocaust was a myth. Eye witnesses, written records and film files notwithstanding, this group does not care what their eyes behold but only what their little darkened hearts have devised.

The New York Times published a piece on December 12, 2006 about Mr. Justin Lee who provides a website for gay Christians. Of course most Christians see Mr. Lee as walking contradiction. In reality Lee is actually living a life that contradicts the bible he says he believes in. Did God change his mind about homosexuality or did Mr. Lee change his mind about God’s truth? That answer is understood by even children who know their bibles.

In this country a year or so of debating on whether there really were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq finished up with a whopping sock in the eye to the republican majority in both houses of congress. Yet not one moment of time was spent on debating on Hollywood’s new offering of everything rotten, raunchy and reprobate. All of media from games to children’s shows has dropped below the decency line so far as to make rock bottom look like a high rise by comparison. But who has eyes to see or the mouth to speak against Hollywood’s millions of hours of “weapons of mass distraction” being hurled at America at every minute of the day and night.

Gone is the time when presidents, world leaders and dignitaries checked with Billy Graham to see if God really wants us to be saved. Now is a time when we have Time magazine and Barbara Walters checking with Pastor Joel Osteen about whether God wants us to be rich. The three R-s have changed to raunchy, rich and reprobate.

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