Popular Clubs in Hyderabad

Like the city, the clubs of Hyderabad have a long history. While a few are there since British period, others came up during Nizam’s rule. However, the amenities and facilities they provide have been updated to serve the current generation. They have many modern amenities like restaurants, beauty salons, super markets, lounge bars, etc. For always-busy-Hyderabadis, these are some of the best places to socialise. 마사지

Secunderabad Club:
The Secunderabad Club was established in 1878. It is located at Picket, Secunderabad. It is the oldest one of Hyderabad and one of the five oldest ones in India. It started as an exclusive association for British military officers. It offers various membership types such as permanent, mess member, associate, lady member, corporate, temporary member, etc. The entry fee ranges from Rs.500 – Rs.20 lakh and the monthly subscription fee is between Rs.500 – Rs.1,000 based on the membership type.

It has facilities like library, sports and games, guest rooms, pavilions, lady’s beauty parlour, men’s salon, ATM, petrol pump, super market, vegetable shop, movie screens, sailing annexe on Hussain Sagar lake, etc. It also organizes events like Ghazal nights, DJ nights, fashion shows, tournaments, etc.

Nizam Club:
The Nizam Club is considered one of the best and oldest ones of Hyderabad. Established in the year 1884 by Mahbub Ali Khan of Asaf Jahi dynasty, it was formed as an Indian response to the British Secunderabad Club. It is located near Saifabad, Hyderabad.Membership is open to all. Lifetime membership costs around Rs.50,000 (reference required). It has facilities like tennis court, library, billiards, cards, shuttle court, swimming pool and banquet hall. It also organizes special events like tambola, dandiya, musical nights and many other events.


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