How to do if the road does not blast

Do you have a hard stone, don’t let the gun, can’t blast. The mining rock is too small, many equipment can’t enter, the manual operation is too slow; the expansive agent is less efficient, the rainy season cannot be used in winter, the stone is too hard, the hook machine does not move, the hydraulic impact hammer and milling machine are not suitable for hard rocks , Split stick, the cleavage is too heavy, can’t drill too deep, easy to get. So rock demolition manufacturer what should we do in this environment? Environmentally silent, low-cost Syrze water swells, even if you are private small mines, you can do silent and interesting mining.

. First, put an eye on the stone, then put the flushing machine in the good hole, start the pumping station, just wait 30 seconds, and then hard stone can break it from the inside. .

Soil flood cracking equipment is mainly used in: urban construction stone breakage; foundation stone breakage; road expansion of stone; repair mountain road rules; mine is excavated; tunnel excavation; Broken stone; mine mining … As long as you can’t let the gun, break the hard stone, you can use water to crack the rock equipment.

Hebei Chengde built the mountain road, the construction site is next to the village, can’t let the gun, do not let the blast. I started to progress quickly, there is a stone, clear soil, planer with hook machine, a little output daily, with the progress of the project, the floating soil is completely stone, the planer has met the progress of the project. When I saw the boss, I saw CCTV I Love Inventions, Swaped Stone Opening . Decisively contact after the manufacturer’s communication needs, the manufacturer directly reaches the construction site directly.

After observing the site, the 90 flocking device is used, first connect the waterfrillator and the flushing, and then insert the swelling unit into the well-drilled well, start the water-based crack host, and use The huge swelling force generated by the pressure can cause the rock block to isolate fragmentation from the rock mass. The boss saw this bloating process in just 30 seconds, the thumbs up on the spot, expressed the recognition of water deflation technology, decided to use the water deflation equipment to complete the remaining project!