Evaluating Polycarbonate Lenses With Normal CR39 Lenses

CR-39 refers back to the substance which is accustomed to make the majority prescription lenses. It is an optical quality plastic polymer recognised for its light bodyweight, chemical resistance Houses and ‘tint-means’. In equivalent prescriptions it truly is approximately fifty percent the weight of glass lenses, though remaining somewhat thicker. Its affect resistance is greater than glass but doesn’t rise to the extent of polycarbonate and it shouldn’t be considered for apps exactly where fire retardant plastic sheet impacts are commonplace. On this foundation, it is not advisable for active sporting activities and motorcycling. It is a lot more scratch resistant than polycarbonate, but will scratch if not effectively cared for.

Polycarbonate is definitely an effects resistant substance. It has started to become used far more widely in current occasions – especially for motorcycling and action sports. It is additionally used frequently to the glazing of rimless frames because of these Attributes. Even though polycarbonate is effects resistant, it shouldn’t be considered indestructible. Polycarbonate may be the strongest content accessible and can have the inclination to break into bigger items, rather than the CR39’s smaller parts, and is particularly, Therefore, significantly less dangerous. Polycarbonate is thinner than normal CR39.

Polycarbonate lenses are ten times a lot more influence resistant than other plastics producing them very well suited for action sporting activities or folk which are just a little (shall we say) significant-handed! They provide UV defense and prevent 99.9% of rays from your sun, fluorescent lights and Pc screens. Our polycarbonate lenses are equipped having a scratch resistant coating and they are thinner than normal lens and for that reason extra comfy to don.

Comparison of Lens Products & Materials Qualities


– Strongest content for impression resistance
– Light-weight
– Might be coated for scratch resistance
– Most have created-in UV radiation protection

Plastic (CR39)

– About 1-half the burden of glass
– Proof against solvents and pitting
– More selections for coatings and tinting