Do Active Matrix Student ID Cards Create a Safer

It seems these days that everyone wants privacy, but at the same time they want safety and security. Thus, the big debate between giving up a little privacy and liberty for safety and security is abundant as our society grows larger and more complex. Of course, the very complexity and high-tech world that we live in allows for less privacy than ever before. Many voters decry any capture of their personal information, but what happens when we capture information from citizens who are not old enough to vote yet. Let’s talk about this dilemma for a moment if we might. minibus transportation

You see, I take a magazine called “Real ID” which talks about sophisticated student ID cards and systems for college campuses, and high-tech ID cards for employees at large corporations. It seems these days they can keep track of just about anything, and the information is stored on computers and with all that abundant data they can learn a lot to keep things more efficient. They can learn to save energy while still servicing the needs of the clients, students, or employees. In fact, it’s not just in larger facilities and buildings where this goes on, it also on buses. Let me explain.There is a new system which is used on school buses to keep track of student ridership. Although the system costs about $8600 per bus, it goes a long way to providing updated data and safer ridership. In fact, Oxnard Union High School District director of maintenance and operations stated that;”We now know every kid on the bus and where they got on and got off.”But that’s not all they know. They knew how many students might be late if the bus is running late due to traffic or a mishap, and exactly who each one of those students is. Also, no student without an ID card can get on the bus.If a student without an ID card tries to get on the bus, the driver asks for their school ID number, punches it into the computer and the driver can look at the picture to identify the individual, otherwise they cannot get onto the bus. Indeed, some transit system buses now have 8-cameras on them. Gold Coast Transit in Oxnard CA said their buses just went from 5 cameras to 8 cameras. General manager Steven P. Brown said it was a major upgrade and provides real time security and safety for the bus and its passengers.It also protects the bus drivers from bogus passenger complaints – 80% of which it turns out are untrue – thus, saving the bus driver’s job and reputation. But if the bus driver did something really wrong, he won’t be working there in the future, thus, fewer accidents, better safety record and lower insurance costs and no negative PR to worry about in the future.


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