Best pet hotels in Dubai

Whether you’re off for a business trip or a break and can’t take your precious pet with you, don’t panic! For your furry mates, we have curated a list of the best pet hotels in Dubai. When you buy villa in Dubai, you can be assured that your house is located close to one of these hotels.

In order to guarantee that your pet is in safe health, these hotels offer luxury facilities. Let’s look at the best pet hotels in Dubai and learn more about their facilities.

List of pet hotels in Dubai


From training to boarding and all in between, Petsvil for all pet care options is a one-stop-shop. It provides facilities including dog/cat boarding and daycare. Playfields, a dog park, grooming, conveyance and dog school are other facilities. There are also qualified vets and nurses trained for any emergency in Petsville in Dubai.

Fetch Dubai

Rated among the best pet hotels in Dubai, Fetch provides dogs and cats with daycare and boarding facilities. The pets remain occupied and entertained at all times with endless fun things. Bubble Tuesdays, ball Thursdays, movie night, lounge games, and community enrichment are some of Fetch’s pet activities. It is one of the nearest pet hotels for pet owners that live in apartments for rent in Al Quoz.

Urban Tails Pet Resort

Urban Tails Pet Spa, situated in Dubai Investment Park 2, is suitable for cats and dogs. Urban Tails has knowledgeable staff and instructors in Dubai who help ensure that your pet is in safe hands when you’re gone. They provide a shuttle service as well.

Regular welfare checks ensure a secure stay, along with personal treatment and consideration. To analyse how your pet is doing, you’ll also get webcam access! At Urban Tails Dubai, some other services provide climate-controlled spaces, pool entry, indoor/outdoor play areas, socialisation and specialist pet training.

Pet Palace Dubai

Looking for your pet’s acceptable housing? Dubai’s Pet Palace is one of the town’s best pet hotels. Before making up your mind, take a tour of the centre. Discover the playfields, the garden and the luxurious lodgings. After an active day, the super-comfortable beds for dogs and cats are ideal for a decent night’s sleep.


Petzania has you covered, whether you require daycare, pet sitting, dog grooming or a pet staycation! With all that can make your pet stay happy when you’re gone, it’s one of the best pet hotels in Dubai. There is a fully-fledged daycare centre in Petzania. You may also have your home inspected by an expert to track and care for your pet for 30 to 40 minutes.

My Second Home Luxury Resort and Spa

A famous pet hotel in Dubai, My Second Home offers spacious housing, skilled grooming facilities, wide-open play area and top-notch training courses. In order to ensure your pet is at ease during their visit, the rooms are comfortable and temperature-controlled. Daycare services are also available. It is a nice choice to drop off their dogs for those who reside in apartments for rent in Dubai Investment Park.

Pet Station Group Kennels & Cattery

One of the most popular brands in veterinarian facilities in the city is the Pet Station Party in Dubai. With boarding, transfer, daycare, pet taxi, grooming and rehoming facilities, they also provide a professionally fitted pet hotel in Dubai.

Dubai Kennels and Cattery

DKC, a facility that is well known for its wholesome animal care facilities, is next on the list of the best Dubai pet hotels. DKC staff look to the wellbeing of your pet by giving them healthy food.

The beds are cuddly and tidy at the facility. DKC also has a well-fitted cat boarding area where you can hang with your furry feline companions. Along with scratch posts, games, indoor/outdoor enclosures and 24-hour ambulance care, the centre has multi-storey cat enclosures. DKC also provides aviary care, pet export, pet evacuation, among several other services.

Posh Paws

If you’re looking for cosy lodging for your four-legged pal, you should probably think of Posh Paws, a highly regarded pet hotel in Dubai.

Poshpaws was founded in 2016 and is a Dubai Pets Nursery with boarding and daycare facilities for cats and dogs. Poshpaws also cater to chickens and rabbits. Delivery, pick & drop for an extra fee is available through the UAE.

These are some of the finest pet hotels in Dubai. You can easily move to Bulgari Residences Dubaiwithout having to worry about your furry friends.

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